Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Idea Wall

Well, I spent all day yesterday creating our Idea Wall.

I really wanted to purchase IdeaPaint but it was a little pricey for my budget, so I went for a more cost effective option! I started reading reviews of dry erase paint and found a lot of mixed reviews. Since I am an Amazon-aholic, I of course checked out Amazon first. I read about Rust-Oleum's dry erase paint and saw many horrible reviews and many good reviews. However, I love helpful reviews so I read those. Most of which stated that the problem with the paint was that it was expired - and that it had been shelved that way in the stores! The key is looking for the date - which is not on the box! There are numbers over the bar code that will help you with the date. Also, almost every review said to use the Original Expo markers - NOT the low odor. Every singe review about using low odor said they stained the wall.

Here is the review that explains what to look for.   It was the most helpful one for me.

I ended up purchasing the paint in town at Home Depot instead of online so I could look at the bar code numbers and make sure the paint wasn't out of date.

Here's what to look for:

Now, I decided to be an over achiever and paint magnetic primer underneath, which makes it much more difficult to paint white paint. (The primer is black.) But it works! (ish...I put on 3 coats and it could have used 4, but my arms hurt and I was ready to be done.) Use the really super strong magnets and it works like a charm.

The area I taped out is about 5' x 9' 

Here's an example of the white-over-black problem. Just make sure you need an arm workout and go town with as many coats as you need! (Let's just say I need to workout more...I am SORE today.) 

This is where I stopped.  I used 3 complete kits of dry erase paint for all of this and I'm hoping this is enough coats, but I have one more kit to use if I need it. 

I used some of my extra paint to cover the doors and one side of my metal cabinet. I want lots of places for us to write ideas! 

So there's my newest project! You have to let the paint set for at least 3 days before writing on it, so I will update next week on how well it actually works. 


Here is a picture of the finished wall! 

The dry erase surface works extremely well! The surface is a little bumpy, but that is because it is painted directly on the wall - which is bumpy too. :) I'm very pleased with how it turned out! If you want to try this in your space - go for it! Just make sure you follow all the directions and that you wait at least 3 days before writing on your wall! 

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